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Josh Fossgreen

Born and raised in San Francisco's relatively pastoral North Bay region, Josh Fossgreen is Tempest's newest member. Growing up in a house full of music, the son of talented musician parents, helped this fellow find his way to the bass by the age of 12.

After a bit of help from Dad to learn the first few songs, Josh taught himself to play electric bass. Through his teen years, he learned the ways of the classical upright bass, and then continued his musical education by finishing the undergrad music program, at Santa Rosa Junior College. Beyond -- constant playing and teaching refines a natural and passionate player.

Josh's ensemble playing history is fairly eclectic, and includes time with a Ska band while in high school, community orchestras, jazz combos, singer-songwriters, musicals, cruise ships and more. Some artists he's performed with include Lauren O'Connell, Un Deux Trois, Youkali, Gabby La La, Nataly Dawn of Pomplamousse, Blue Diamond Fillups, and Toast Machine.

But he's come a long way from the walking bass-beat beginnings of his teens. These days he plays like a champ, and teaches the bass to others, all over the world, with internet technology. With smooth, contrasty intensity, Josh's fretful, 4-stringed bass textures add additional substance to our favorite numbers. At once coin-bounce tight and richly melodic, Josh's support of an already poetic soundscape will sent a thump of funky pleasure down the spine of the most dyed-in-the-wool Tempest aficionado.

Josh's main bass is a 4-string Peavey Cirrus with Elixir roundwound strings and a Hipshot drop-D tuner.

A few of Josh's favorite things:
Favorite authors: Wilhelm Reich, David Wilcock, J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite podcast: What on Earth Is Happening with Mark Passio
Favorite fruits: mango, persimmon, and rollinia
Favorite bass players: Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Jimmy Johnson, Flea

Partial discography:
Lauren O'Connell QUITTERS

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