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Gregory Jones

Miss Madeline Jones, Tempest's reporter on the spot, interviews Tempest's new addition, Greg Jones, over the cyberwaves:

Miss Madeline Jones:
Welcome, Mr. Jones, and tell us about yourself (ahem....alas, no relation)

GJ: I was born in Colorado, second of four kids from a couple of really great parents. We moved to Iowa, while Dad got his degree, then off to Missouri where we all grew up in Cape Girardeau. Dad had earned a Doctorate in music and Mom was an artist -- so they made sure we had music lessons. We also attended lots of concerts and learned to appreciate many types of music. I began playing music by taking up the violin at age six.

Miss MJ: What was the first thing you wanted to be?

GJ: I don't remember having any really strong desire to do anything, but I used to like swimming and fireworks. I also remember taking an Interest Test in high school to pin-point areas of possible life-interest. According to one of the analysts, I was the most schizoid he had ever seen. Usually the test revealed the top three ranking areas of interest. Mine had NO interests listed in the top three -- completely blank. Then it went on to the secondary section showing Other Areas of Interest in which everything under the sun was listed. Mountain climbing, Musical Performance, Auto Repair, Electronics, Inventor, Professional Wrestling, Artist, etc. the secondary other area was so full of topics of interest it pretty much went off of the page.

Miss MJ: What got your attention musically?
GJ: As a music teacher, my father presented many different kinds of musical performance. I really liked musical review shows featuring his college jazz band, and various other performances that were given every year. Once a rock band played and I remember hearing really loud guitar for the first time. They played I'm Not Your Stepping Stone and I remember really digging that. Shortly after that I let the violin rest for a while and took up guitar. Among the first records I bought were The Who's 'Overture From Tommy' and Yes 'Fragile'. These were among the first rock style tunes I began learning.

Miss MJ: What instruments do you play?
GJ: Along with guitar and violin I also play bass, cello, mandolin, percussion, harmonica, a tiny bit of piano, and I sing. I'm a singer/songwriter. Most of the CD releases I've produced feature myself, performing on all instruments and vocals. I've released nine CDs as Gomer Hendrix, beginning in 1998. I played violin in the six grade with high school aged kids, and I played for two seasons in the Quincy Illinois Symphony Orchestra on bass. At Culver-Stockton College, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music.

Miss MJ: What sort of odd jobs have you held or considered?
GJ: GJ: I have been a high-rise window washer, shoe repair, leather worker and repairs, maintenance repairman, handyman, painter, teacher, mechanic, computer operator, shipping and receiving, warehouse manager, electronics repairs and custom guitar work, musical performance, recording, composing, choir director, etc. Patricia might say that I'm as handy as a small pot.

Miss MJ: Who influenced you the most musically?
GJ: Yes, Credence Clearwater Revival, America, Grand Funk Railroad, Robin Trower, Nektar, The Almand Brothers, Frank Zappa, Brand X, Weather Report, Return To Forever, John McLaughlin, Weird Al Yankovic, and many more.

Miss MJ: If you had eight more lives, what else might you like to do?
GJ: I imagine I'd be in four different bands, learn to fly, become an actor, learn to surf, travel around the world and back again, and then consider what to do for the second year.

Miss MJ: Discuss a memorable moment on stage or while performing.
GJ: I've done many gigs in my professional life, from playing before thousands at a Ronald Reagan convention to entertaining a couple of drunks at a dive bar in Alabama. I always have lots of fun when I perform and it's always the very best feeling when the audience is having a good time, too. One of my favorite moments to date was playing at Burning Man in 2010, where I got to play at the Hair of The Dog Bar stage with some of my best friends. The band was really cooking, everyone at the bar was in the zone, and the whole world seemed like it was grooving to the music in perfect sync. There have been far too many memorable moments to be able to mention though.

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